A selection of works that cover UX/UI design projects, Web apps Development, Graphic Design and Branding

Inout Barcelona tours
Identity and website.

Asphalt 9 Car Profile UI
UI Design proposal for a Gameloft's mobile game

Webapp re-styling and Graphic brand

Farm Heroes Super Saga
UI Design proposal for King's mobile game

Gol a Gol
UI Design & Frontend development.

ACUP SDG Identity
Branding & Graphic.

Bohemian pasta
Identity and Graphic brand

Feel Free Tours
Identity and website.

Xpeke training camp identity.

Nestle Cocina
Graphic brand & design.

Bike Lovers Barcelona
UX/UI Design and Web Development

Foodie Barcelona
Identity and Website.

Identity and Brand image

Mama Shake
Identity and Graphic brand.

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